South Florida

What can I say? There’s always a reason to go back to South Florida 🙂 This time to witness a beautiful wedding. So we rented a van, brought the whole family and a friend visiting from the Philippines and drove 12 hours down south! We rented an Airbnb close to Pompano Beach. It had an indoorContinue reading “South Florida”

Primland, Meadows of Dan, VA

I have heard about Primland from a coworker and I’ve planned to go with hubby since it’s only a two-hour drive from Charlotte, NC. And finally, we were able to spend a night here, without our kid. It was a much needed break for us as a couple. At $500 or so per night, IContinue reading “Primland, Meadows of Dan, VA”

NOLA – A Girls’ Trip

A friend wanted to celebrate her birthday in New Orleans. I was hesitant to join but I am so glad I did! We arrived on a Friday evening, and first stop was Luke’s for dinner. Ambiance was nice, food was great, service wasn’t so good, our server seemed to not like us… But anyway, IContinue reading “NOLA – A Girls’ Trip”

Of Sunflowers and Bees

I’ve been on a search for sunflower fields for years. Luckily, this year, a friend who loves sunflowers asked me to go with her to Draper Wildlife Management Area. After a short walk through the woods, the view was amazing. I did not mind the bees floating around at all. I took endless pictures ofContinue reading “Of Sunflowers and Bees”

Disney Cruise to Bahamas

This was our first cruise. I wasn’t sure what to book and where to go or what to expect. So we decided to go for a 3-night Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. We have heard so many good things about Disney Cruise. But I was still a little skeptical, after all, I’ve never been onContinue reading “Disney Cruise to Bahamas”

Carolina Hot Air Balloon Fest

It was Carolina’s 44th Hot Air Balloon Fest! I encouraged a friend to go along with me, but we had to bring her friend’s pet, so it was a little tricky. The website clearly states “THERE ARE NO PETS ALLOWED”. We took the risk, and asked the parking guys if we can stay just atContinue reading “Carolina Hot Air Balloon Fest”

Fall Foliage 2017

So, this is definitely a yearly thing for me and my family. I always drag my husband to the mountains for a quick getaway. I want to drive through Blue Ridge Parkway to see the amazing fall foliage. The leaves haven’t changed so much when we went on Oct 13th. It was also foggy, butContinue reading “Fall Foliage 2017”

A trip to Sky Top Orchard

I have heard good things about Sky Top Orchard… It’s about 2 hours from our house so I wasn’t sure hubby would agree to a day trip. I managed to convinced hubby to finally go one Saturday morning, we headed out at 8am and arrived at 10am to a parking lot full of cars! I’ve heardContinue reading “A trip to Sky Top Orchard”